5 Hygiene & Safety Parameters for Food Industry Conveyors

FOOD ConveyorMaintaining hygiene with the help of regular cleaning and maintenance is of the utmost importance, especially in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. Many regulations are in place to ensure employee safety during cleaning and for the maintenance of a hygienic environment in any production or packaging set-up. These steps can be followed for all kinds of conveyors like high angle, plastic belt, elevated conveyors, etc.


Steps that Help Ensure Thorough Cleaning

The following steps should help you in making your workplace hygienic and safe:

  1. Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

When regular cleaning and maintenance is being conducted, the protective guards covering the danger zones must always be in place. This keeps the workers out of harm’s way in case of negligence or any accidents.

  1. Accessing Danger Zones

Most conveyors are designed in a way that majority of the cleaning takes place away from the danger zones. If it is imperative to open the guards, make sure that the power is switched off and the machine comes to a stop. Extreme care should be taken to avoid accidental startup of the machine.

  1. Food & Detergent Buildup

When cleaning the conveyor, it is important to find and keep track of the buildup areas. There are certain areas where higher quantities of food pieces or particles might get accumulated. It is important to clean these parts thoroughly. It is imperative to avoid causing buildup of the cleaning material as well.

  1. Proper Installation & Cleaning

You must remember that cleaning is not a standalone operation. Proper cleaning is dependent on proper installation of the conveyors. If the conveyors are not installed in the right manner, it will result in improper conveying of food, which results in clogging and accumulation of food in various nooks and crannies of the conveyor. Thus, it is important to install the conveyor appropriately for it function optimally and be cleaned efficiently.

  1. Crew Training & Hiring

The employees carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance should be trained regarding the safety procedures to be followed. You can consider hiring trained individuals with technical expertise or providing this knowledge to existing employees. Statistics state that almost 30% of conveyor-related accidents occur during cleaning and maintenance as opposed to the 12% that occur during normal production activities. Thus, it is important to train all employees regarding the safety norms and the importance thereof.

Correct methods of cleaning of Food Industry Conveyor and regular maintenance assist in maintaining excellent operation of the machine, safe working conditions for employees and compliance with hygiene standards laid down by the F&B Industry.

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