Accumulation Conveyor Systems for Pharmaceutical Industries

The manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical products should take place in a controlled and precise manner. This also holds true for the conveyor systems used in the manufacturing process. Irrespective of whether the products are syringes, medical syrups, or pill bottles and IV bags, the conveyor system should be effectively designed in order to gently handle the product, make accurate stop, hold, and release movements, as well as provide an overall smooth motion during the manufacturing process.


Accumulation conveyors systems are designed to do just that. These conveyors ensure a smooth transition of the production line from manufacturing and assembly to packaging and delivery, without any pressure buildups.

These systems are usually constructed with high grade stainless steel for safe product movement as well as for prevention of corrosion and contamination. Standard or coarse pitch rollers are designed into the system so that the products can easily move down the production line.

The system’s drive pressure can be adjusted for speed so that the product can be accurately manufactured, properly packaged, and loaded for delivery. Accumulation conveyors can also be provided in different types such as vertical accumulators, flexible conveyors, accumulation tables, and inclined systems. Click Play for watch video.

Accumulation conveyor systems can be customized to suit the required pharmaceutical facility by considering a number of factors:

  • The type of product and its weight
  • Product stability during the production line process
  • Area of space given for the production line
  • Back pressure required to complete the manufacturing process
  • Whether the product will be able to handle the back pressure


There a number of benefits that the medical and pharmaceutical industries can gain by using accumulation conveyor systems.

  • Accumulation capabilities reduce the chances of overall machine failure.

  • They create a convenient and comfortable work environment for employees.

  • Employees can increase their productivity by aligning their work with the movement of the production line.

  • Accumulation conveyors have the capability to handle large product volumes while maintaining a certain production speed.

  • The conveyors can accommodate multiple processes such as elevation, drying, cooling, etc.

  • Manufacturers of accumulation conveyor systems can accommodate modified designs into present systems if a client decides to expand his factory in the future.

  • They are cost efficient, as they are robust and require minimal maintenance.

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