Benefits of Using Alpine Accumulator

The demand for alpine accumulators has risen rapidly due to their modular design and several distinct features. Available in standard and custom models, this material handling system allows for easy and safe conveyance and accumulation of products by utilizing less floor space.

alpine accumulator

Unlike other conveyor units, alpine accumulators are built in compact spiral configurations, which add to their popularity in the market. Along with acting as a buffer zone between machines or processes, alpine conveyors handle product elevation, cooling, and drying applications with immense efficiency.




Achieve Numerous Benefits by Installing Alpine Accumulators at your Facilities

The benefits associated with alpine accumulators are numerous. The system provides you with superior service and support to automate your production line.

The significant benefits associated with this accumulation unit are:

  • Accumulation Capability – In the event of a machine failure in a production line, the service of alpine accumulators is crucial to accumulate products without causing any damage to them. Once the machine is repaired, products can be transferred from the alpine conveyor to the next conveyor line. Thus, the production line can be continued, avoiding costly downtime.
  • Connecting Zone – This accumulation conveyor can act as a connecting zone among several other machineries in the production line.
  • Safe Cooling/Drying Distance – For manufacturing certain products, cooling, drying, and other in-process-steps are inevitable before they are conveyed for further processing. An alpine accumulator is a convenient, yet compact machine employed for obtaining a safe cooling/drying distance.
  • Level Change – The alpine accumulator is the best available solution for enabling level changes with accumulation capability in a production line. Several chain types are available for the alpine accumulator to be compatible with a level change.

Delivering Optimum Results

Alpine accumulators are ideal for handling several kinds of products due to its flexible guide rail system. Since different chain types are available, the system can be utilized for handling, conveying or accumulating light to heavy weight products with ease. Its proven modular design ensures long service life and reduced maintenance. Also, the low friction accumulation ensures product stability and no product damage during transportation.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, the alpine accumulator can be considered to be a cost-effective, long-term solution that provides superior service for handling raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products.

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