Features and Industrial Applications of Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation conveyors are highly sophisticated movement systems that can be used for a vast range of applications. The basic mechanism of an accumulation conveyor system involves streamlining the flow of products by holding them in one place until there is a signal for them to be moved forward to the next stage of the conveyor system.  Be it a production line, a packaging machine, or an automated cargo movement system, accumulation conveyors are reliable for efficient operations.

Distinguishing Features of Accumulation Conveyors:

Accumulation conveyors are versatile in nature. Their distinct features make them favorites across different industries. Let us have a look at some of their most prominent features:

  • Accumulation conveyors can minimize the line pressure effectively

  • These conveyors simplify the accumulation procedure in a production line while managing the displacement of products efficiently

  • They can effectively manage flow of light weight material

  • Many accumulation conveyor systems are designed specially to work with low pressure and non-contact accumulation

  • With the help of accumulation conveyor systems, you can streamline as well as synchronize the positive movement of material

  • These conveyors can help in saving time as well as labor cost by automating meticulous processes

  • These conveyors are versatile in their use and hence, they facilitate material movement in every stage of production, packaging, and buildup without any glitches

  • Accumulation conveyors are designed and constructed in such a way that they resist corrosion as well as contamination

Industrial Applications of Accumulation Conveyor System

An accumulation conveyor is one of the most sought after systems thanks to its multipurpose nature. Following industries rely on the proficient operational value of this conveyor system for effective material flow management:

  • Food and Beverage: Be it the capping of numerous bottles one by one or the sealing of many tins and cans, the accumulation conveyor is a must for the automation of these processes.

  • Pharmaceutical: Medical devices, syringes, medicinal bottles, etc. all require highly hygienic and very gentle handling. Thus, the accumulation system is the perfect choice for a pharmaceutical production line.

  • Cosmetics: The cosmetic industry makes use of sturdy and effectual accumulation conveyor systems for production, packaging and delivery management.

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