Guide to Buying a Conveyor for Food & Bakery Products

Manufacturing and packaging companies in the food and bakery market can benefit from including a conveyor to their systems. Conveyors are useful for automated packaging as well as manufacturing because the food moves at predicted periods of time, streamlining the entire process. When the process is streamlined, the number of people working reduces, thus increasing the efficiency of the system and reducing cost.

Conveyor for Food & BakeryThings to Look For When Purchasing a Conveyor for Food & Bakery Market:

  • Sanitary: Since you are dealing with food items, extreme care should be taken to avoid contamination. This can be done by opting for specialized sanitary conveyors for food & bakery market. These conveyors are made using plastic or stainless steel, are easy to clean, and can handle high-powered wash downs.

  • Low maintenance: As with every industry, companies in the food manufacturing industry will greatly benefit from incorporating a conveyor into their manufacturing system that is low in maintenance. This reduces cost of overall operations.

  • Durability: A conveyor that can withstand regular physical and chemical cleaning is a must because conveyors for food & bakery market are cleaned on a regular basis. A good quality conveyor will also last longer, thus reducing additional procurement and setup cost.

  • Safety: Employee safety is of immense importance. A conveyor that isn’t too complicated in terms of safe operation would be the right choice.

  • Throughput Capacity: Choosing a conveyor that can efficiently handle your food processing capacity is important to ensure that there no lag in the system. Customized conveyors can be created if your capacity is very high.

  • Mesh or Solid: Depending on your product, it is important to choose the right kind of conveyor. If you work with wet or slippery food items, it is important to consider a mesh conveyor. A solid conveyor is useful when processing dry food items like bakery products.

  • Specialized Equipment: Conveyors for food & bakery market are built specifically keeping in mind the needs of the food industry. Examples of some such conveyors are sanitary, washdown and plastic belt conveyors, English muffin autoloader, flour hopper, etc.

The ideal conveyor for food & bakery market is one that:

  • Meets sanitary compliances and international food regulations
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces labor and operational cost.

There should be no compromise when it comes to these factors since they form the very fiber of a food manufacturing or processing company.

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