Importance of Food Conveyor Configuration, Integration, & Compliance

The configuration of your food conveyor will determine the output, life span, and even return on investment. It will also determine whether your conveyor will perform according to your expectations or not. There are several factors that one should take into account when choosing a conveyor or deciding on the configurations of the same. In an earlier post, we covered some factors that should be considered when purchasing a conveyor for the food and bakery market. In this post, importance of looking at configuration, integration, and compliance will be deliberated.

Factors to Consider when buying a food conveyor

The following factors should be taken into consideration to ensure maximum efficiency:

  1. Configuration
    The configuration of the food conveyor will determine its performance. The configuration should be such that it can easily handle the operations of the unit. The size and structure of the conveyor as well as the design will play an important role in the functioning of the unit. Vertical, chain, roller, inclined, and mesh are just some of the different types of conveyors available in the market. Conveyors can be manufactured using various grades and finishes of steel or aluminum. They can also be integrated with several add-on features depending on the industry and the product being handled. Hence, in terms of configuration, several choices exist. Furthermore, the design of the conveyor will have to be modified in accordance with the space and presence of other machines. This is done to optimize physical space as well as everyday operations.
  2.  Integration
    When making a new purchase, care should be taken to ensure seamless integration with current equipment and processes. The new conveyor should help in increasing efficiency of the overall system as well as of the people.
  3. Compliance
    Complying with regulatory bodies like the FDA is of prime importance. Organizations should take into account these standard and norms when making a purchase. Non-compliance is not only expensive monetarily but can also harm one’s credibility.

Buying a food conveyor for your business is a big step that needs to be accomplished with adequate deliberation. Making a purchase by keeping the next few years in mind will allow you to make a practical decision that will benefit you for years to come. Staying a few steps ahead of the technological curve by planning for integration of newer machines will allow you to make profits even when faced with updation requirements. Hence, the points mentioned above will allow you to employ the latest technologies without making huge investments.

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