Plastic Belt Conveyors – for Ease of Manufacturing

For many manufacturing companies and OEMs, the choice of conveyor system used is extremely important. There are a variety of variables that come into play – type of conveyor (chain conveyor or gravity roller, etc.), type of material (cloth, plastic, steel trays, etc.); function and versatility (can they altered to suit the factory area). Perhaps one of the best options is the plastic belt conveyors.These conveyors can be designed in various shapes and sizes. Due to the flexibility of the material, the conveyor can be altered to suit any manufacturing production line. They are easy to maintain, and can be manipulated to use any free space within the premises.

Speed is another factor. If the speed is too fast, then there can be a tendency for production line employees to not spot the defective products. Custom Plastic belt conveyors is designed to change speeds according to the requirement of the production line.

plastic belt conveyors

Plastic belt conveyors can withstand extreme temperatures and are perfect for applications ranging from cooling molded parts, heated ovens, automobile components, to freezers, and disposable liquid from fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

The conveyors can also be custom designed to suit any type of material and manufacturing process. They can be designed to cool heated foods. Components or products can be turned and shifted on the conveyor belt without the need of human intervention.

A rejection system can also be added to discern between defective products and those that are ready for shipment. If the number of products to be completed in a day is too many, there is also the option of installing more than one conveyor belt. This can help to increase the speed of production and meet the delivery deadlines.

If your manufacturing process requires specialized materials, then plastic belt conveyor manufacturers can provide you with the same. A few examples would be flame retardant materials, reinforced material for more pulling and pushing force. Hybrid belts, which are a combination of two materials, can also be designed.

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