Plastic Conveyor Systems for Packaging and Warehouse Industries

Packaging and warehousing industries require conveyor systems that can provide good impact resistance, easy maintenance, and durability. Plastic belt conveyor systems are perhaps the ideal solution for both these industries.

plastic belt conveyor

The plastic mat belts are moved using sprockets or rollers, ensuring smooth movement and quick performance. Plastic mats provide stable flow of the packaging boxes. This also helps to reduce the number of damage report incidents. To ensure that the belt can work for long periods of time, manufacturers conduct rigorous tests so that there is suitable thermal expansion and contraction of the belt. 

The mat style conveyor systems are well-known for their design flexibility, enabling Plastic belt conveyor manufacturers to create customized systems for their clients. The systems can be designed to suit the large spaces of warehouses.

Packaging companies and warehouse owners prefer to use plastic conveyor systems as they allow for superior control, extremely good accumulation and metering capabilities. Modular designs help to optimize on the existing space within the factory or the warehouse.

Benefits of using Plastic Belt Conveyor Systems

The versatility and durability of plastic belt conveyor systems have helped packaging and warehousing service providers reap a number of benefits.

  • The construction of the conveyor comprises a lightweight systems design for high impacts and packaging of all sizes and weights.

  • They are known for their quiet operation, maintaining a calm environment with the plant.

  • If a product requires additional inspection, the belt conveyors can be designed to move in reverse.

  • They are easy to clean and maintain

  • An immense advantage of plastic belt conveyors is that they can be designed into various shapes and types, including straight, curved, inclined, horizontal, and vertical.

  • The flat surface of the plastic mat allows for the products to ceaselessly move along the production line. There is never any possibility of product stops or jamming of the system.

  • Plastic conveyors can be designed for overhead conveyance. This can help to optimize on floor space.

  • There is no requirement to have multiple belts for packages of different sizes.

  • Fewer components ensure that there is less need for maintenance and component servicing.

  • The modular design ensures easy assembly and disassembly.

  • Steel flanges can be used for foot construction for stable floor anchoring.

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