What are the Basic Things to Consider While Choosing Accumulation Conveyor for your Applications?

Efficient conveyor systems are mandatory in high speed production lines in order to ensure a steady and continuous supply of products to a machine or to hold the supply of products when a machine stops.  A unique and high performing conveyor system has been developed to make sure of an efficient and trouble free accumulation of products – the accumulation conveyors. With the increasing demands of these kinds of conveyors in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing sectors, several types of accumulation conveyors are developed with multiple options and advanced features for use in varied industrial applications. However, using the most suitable and reliable conveyors depending on the application requirements, results in more production, less waste and reduced manpower. 

accumulation conveyorPoints to Consider While Selecting the Right Accumulation System?

Since there are many varieties of accumulation conveyors available, it is critical for the customers to choose the most ideal one by considering the following:

  • Choose the accumulation system after understanding about the type of products you want to convey. Evaluate the shape, size, weight and packaging of the products that need to be conveyed. Understanding about the product will help you substantially to select the most appropriate accumulation conveyor system from the list of many.

  • Select an accumulation system after carefully analyzing the floor space of your facility. There might be conveyors or other material handling systems overhead, which restrict the scope of buying a vertical accumulation solution. Similarly, if there are several machines and equipment placed very close to each other due to space constraints, it would be difficult to accommodate a horizontal accumulation system in your facility. Hence, it is necessary for you to understand the size and capacity of your facility before selecting the conveyor system.

  • Opt for an accumulation system by calculating the amount of accumulation time needed. Since each conveyor type comes with different options, features and capabilities; you must be careful while choosing the one for your definite applications.

Air Draulic Engineering Helps you choose the Right Accumulation System

With years of industry experience, Air Draulic Engineering has gained a vast understanding of various industry specific conveyor requirements. Along with providing intelligently designed accumulation conveyor solutions, we also support our customers all the way to select the right conveyor solutions. We understand your application requirements completely, and then suggest the most ideal solution.

Accumulation conveyor

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