Why Indexing Conveyors are Advantageous for Many Industries

When we think of an assembly line, we usually imagine a fast moving conveyor system that provides a continuous product flow. However, there are some applications that require the product assembly process to be done in steps. To achieve this task, you need a specialized type of conveyor; one that provides precise and smooth movement, speed, and accuracy. In such applications, you need an indexing conveyor.

Indexing conveyors are designed to move products in a series of precise steps along the assembly line. This intermittent motion allows the various assembly line machines to perform their respective functions and attach or fill the product with the required components.

A simple example would be that of medicines. When medicinal bottles run along the assembly line, various machines perform tasks like bottle stamping, filling the bottle, applying the label, etc.

To ensure precise movement and quick product assembly, many manufacturers design the conveyor with sensors. Thus, the timing of the assembly operation is performed automatically. The engineer simply needs to check the current status of a product and its exact position on the assembly line.

Advantages of Indexing Conveyors

As you can imagine, the utilization of indexing conveyors in a manufacturing plant offers many benefits to the industrial customer.

  • A stepper motor is used to aid the assembly process and maintain precision in terms of movement.

  • Index conveyors create distinct spacing between each product. This allows each product to accurately interface with robotic arms and other machines that are used in the product assembly process.

  • They are constructed using high grade stainless steel. This helps to maintain conveyor durability, cleanliness, and product hygiene.

  • The use of stainless steel also helps the manufacturer to create a sturdy mount for the conveyor, providing stability to the assembly line.

  • The conveyor design allows for the use of multiple belt bands on the conveyor.

  • The rugged and flexible design of the conveyor makes it a perfect choice for indexing applications where heavy duty components are used.

These benefits make indexing conveyors the right choice for a variety of industries, including:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Commercial Printer Manufacturing
  • Medicine
  • Electronics
  • FMCG

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