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Accumulation Conveyors

Momentary product blockage or malfunction or machine adjustment often calls for abrupt line stopping in between production operation. In such situations, how will you temporarily store products safely and securely until the problem gets resolved? ADE, who always strikes the market by launching innovative and creative line of products, has a solution for this concern as well. We recommend you to go through our exclusive range of accumulation conveyor that provides you with enough temporary storage space to amass or handle bottles, cans and plastic containers.

ADE’s Accumulation Table, which is constructed to deliver long term performance, enhances line’s efficiency and reduces downtime substantially. Also, they increase productivity by providing a way to surge product on the conveyor until a given release signal. Common applications include feeding products into other machinery, holding items to be shipped and minimizing line equipment’s impact on upstream manufacturing operations.

Quality and Performance Unrivaled!

Owing to a rich industry experience and speedy manufacturing processes, ADE instantly responds to the changing requirements of customers. We continuously upgrade our product line to incorporate advanced features as per the varying demands of the industry. Our accumulation conveyor have also undergone several changes in its design in order to incorporate advanced features.

Now, ADE’s accumulation conveyor is unrivaled in the market due to its superior features and benefits such as:

    • Gentle product handling attributes
    • In-line horizontal, vertical, and spiral accumulation of product possible
    • Scalable to production needs and specific storage times for products
    • High end construction using mild steel or stainless steel
    • Tables are painted or powder coated for enhanced protection
    • Specialized features to automatically fed products back onto the primary conveyor line at the proper speed when the blockage is cleared.


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