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Flighted Conveyor

Flighted conveyors are perfect for elevating your products gently and rapidly in a clean and safe machine. We use plastic belt and also various softer rubber belts which all meet food safety standards. The flights on the belt push your product along and when the belt inclines they keep pushing it up to the top where it can be dumped into the next part of your system. Available in almost any size, we can build a flighted belt conveyor to your exact specification. Flighted belt elevators can be fitted with a hopper loader to make packing by hand easy and less time-consuming or a filtering, visual exam and rejection machines. Some additional benefits are that it is easy to clean and can withstand steam cleaning and the maintenance is simple.

Working of Flighted Conveyor

A flighted conveyor pushes materials through a  trough. This equipment is used specifically with loose materials that may be wet, sticky, or clumpy, such as grain, unprocessed rock, or feed. Flight conveyors can be designed into a production line in a variety of ways. It may be possible to convert existing conveyor systems to this technology if necessary, especially if they already have a trough design with a similar footprint. Inside the equipment, a set of chains is attached to paddles or similar tools. When the flight conveyor is turned on, the chains are pulled through the sealed trough, dragging the paddles along with them. This forces the material inside to move and scrapes down the sides in the process to limit material buildup.

Technicians can adjust the speed for different materials, changing the rate of movement for the chains to accommodate sluggish or free-flowing contents. The trough offers a number of advantages. If companies handle dusty or highly loose materials, a flight conveyor can curtail the release of particles into the air. This can keep working environments cleaner in addition to reducing health problems caused by inhaling dust and chaff. Equipment should run more smoothly when it’s not polluted with debris from the conveyor belt, and the sealed nature also prevents contamination of the materials.