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Independent Reject Ram Conveyor

ADE’s Independent Reject Ram Conveyor is a high speed metal detection reject conveyor used to isolate vibration from metal detector head.

Product travels on conveyor through the metal detector. Product is then automatically rejected and pushed off the belt if any metallic substance is found.

In a production line, it may happen that faulty or defective products get grouped along with the flawless products. This in turn leads to the sending of both the damaged and the imperfect products together for further processing or the packaging sector, resulting in the credibility of the manufacturer in question. In order to avoid this, manufactures at the older times deploy some personnel to manually check for damaged items when the products are conveyed via conveyors or material handling systems. However, advancements of technology have simplified the way we execute such tasks.

Independent Reject – Saves Time and Eases Labor

Independent reject is the perfect and user-friendly system invented to automatically remove potentially defective parts or products when it travels via conveyor lines. Intelligently designed utilizing best of our conveying technology, the unit is readily available in various reject options to meet customers’ varied application requirements. We can also work on your custom orders by incorporating the desired options and specifications. With ADE’s independent reject units, you don’t need to worry about the proceeding of bad products through your conveyor lines. By investing in the product, you can keep your brand name intact and make sure that only perfect products reach to your customers.


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