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Knife Edge Dryer Conveyor

ADE’s Knife Edge Dryer Conveyor uses a Sonic blower to remove surface moisture from product. Includes a sound proof enclosure to adhere to OSHA’s 85db rating. Features intake air filter and drip pan.

Removing surface moisture from products is imperative in order to make them ready for further processing or packaging. However, many of us find it difficult to effectively and quickly remove moisture from product surfaces. We, ADE bring you a solution that helps you execute the task with much convenience and ease. Our knife edge dryer units, which use a sonic blower, are exclusively designed for eradicating surface moisture from products or parts of various genres.

ADE Works for You to Meet Your Demanding Needs

We are the best conveyor manufacturer to partner with as our products and solutions meet your intricate application requirements to the optimum level. We make sure that our products deliver you desired results and thus bring you a significant advantage in your investment. Knife edge dryer conveyor from ADE is also made with such tactics in mind.

ADE’s knife edge dryer units reach our customers’ end with superior features and multiple options that no other manufacturer can compete with. Also, our custom making expertise brings you the desired dryer units with specialized features and specifications for meeting your particular application requirements.

Our quality assurance system coupled with excellent designing and engineering expertise, ensures that you will receive out-of-the-box knife edge dryer conveyors with exceptional operational performance. Invest in the system that reliably works under all conditions and provide optimum results.

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