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Modular Plastic Belts

Air Draulic Engineering innovative and high-performing plastic belt conveyors system are globally applauded as the best and the cost-effective choice for heavy load material conveying and heavy-duty material transportation around a curve. Designed and engineered for both industrial and sanitary applications, these conveyor types provide you with intended performance, operational flexibility, endurance, and easy maintenance.

ADE’s plastic belt conveying systems are ideal for food grade applications, beverage containers, package handling, and general manufacturing where high quality non-marking belting is required. Manufactured from reliable and durable materials, these conveyor systems offer durable performance in frequent washdown and high corrosive industrial environments.

What Are Its Significant Features?

Specially designed for conveying bulky and large items, ADE’s plastic belt conveyors system reach our customers’ end after a comprehensive multi step inspection process. Thus, we make sure that our products are safe to use, built to last and meet international quality and standard.

Our range of plastic belt conveyor systems has carved a niche in the market due to their unique attributes such as:

  • Lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Able to withstand high pressure washdown
  • Possess energy efficient motors with lifetime greased gearboxes
  • Improved safety and efficiency
  • Easy-to-clean with mild soap and water
  • Easy-to-assemble with no need for licensed installers
  • Maintenance free

ADE’s plastic belt conveying systems offer extremely reliable performance and also ensure smooth product handling; hence potential damage to delicate products can be minimized to a large extent. Also, the light weight and portability eases cleaning and maintenance.

We develop new and innovative solutions to address the conveying challenges of customers across various industrial sectors. The field proven and reliable plastic belt conveyor systems are the result of our constant efforts and uncompromised dedication to customer satisfaction.

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