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Tray Closer Conveyor

Right from the inception, till now, ADE is known and widely established due to its rich product portfolio that provides impeccable results under any rough situations. Our products are the result of comprehensive studies conducted across several industrial sectors and deep knowledge of their requirements and expectations. We are prominent in the market that delivers material handling and conveyor systems to enhance your production and packaging line efficiency.

Tray Closer – The Unit with Advanced Features to Ease your Packaging Line Activities

Are you in search for a unit that helps in crimping bar locks of up to 50 trays at a time? If then, your search ends at ADE. Our designing and engineering expertise coupled with meticulous support of skilled personnel have made us bring you an intelligent solution – the tray closer.

What makes our tray closer conveyor largely accepted and widely purchased in the domestic, national and international markets? Your question is answered in a nutshell below.

  • Many options available, allowing the end user to customize the machine to their specific needs.
  • Standard construction, which incorporates a sanitary design, makes them ideal for most bakery installations.
  • Readily available with wash-down construction for ensuring optimum performance in wet environments.
  • Easy to operate due to their lean, logical control panel design.
  • Simple design; hence easy and fast installation is possible.
  • Less downtime and greater machine efficiency due to quick and easy product changeover.

Available in required designs and specifications, our tray closer conveyor can be easily integrated with your existing packaging conveyors.

We will help you understand about the system comprehensively when you contact us over phone:781-961-1350 or by All your questions and concerns are answered instantly with clear additional information about the specialties and uniqueness of the product.

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