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USDA Dairy Conveyors

Air Draulic Engineering specializes in manufacturing custom sanitary stainless steel conveyor systems including infeed conveyors, outfeed conveyors, flat conveyors, incline conveyors and radius conveyors meeting all USDA requirements. Fabricated using best-in-class and robust stainless steel materials, our range of USDA conveyor systems offer impressive performance in corrosive and washdown environments. They are extremely popular in the market due to their attributes such as low maintenance, simple construction and easy mobility.

Why Are They Popular in The Market?

We understand that ease of cleaning and maintenance are critical when handling applications that fall under the purview of the USDA. Every custom USDA conveyor is manufactured from polished 304 Stainless Steel with options of adjustable foot pads or casters, hydraulic or electric drive and type of belt. Drip pans and belt washes can be included if required.

Avail The Best Quality Dairy Conveyors From The Best Name Manufacturers

Air Draulic Engineering has an established place on the market due to the delivery of quality products, efficient customer assistance and safe and secure online transactions. Dairy conveyors from Air Draulic Engineering are specially designed with heat-treated alloy steel for long-lasting and reliable operation in any aggressive industrial environment.

Our superior quality conveyor systems have been engineered according to the sanitation requirements of the dairy industry. Since, they are fabricated using corrosion resistant and powerful stainless steel material; they can be cleaned and wiped using industry solution on a regular basis.

USDA Dairy Conveyors

Our range of USDA dairy conveyors is the best and cost-effective solution available for automating the material handling and conveying applications in the dairy industry. These are the portable and maintenance free conveyors available with clean-out slots.

Here is a list of some noteworthy features of Air Draulic Engineering USDA dairy conveyors:

  • An ingenious open design that facilitates easy cleaning; this ensures greater hygiene
  • Design flexibility for washing and cleaning frequently at high pressures
  • Constructed entirely from high quality and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Maintenance-free transmission with worm hollow shaft gearbox
  • Designed to operate effectively in all sanitary environments
  • Capable of handling full wash-down conditions which are required in dairy products processing plants

Air Draulic Engineering delivers solutions after clearly understanding the type and nature of your applications. This helps us deliver solutions specific to each industry sectors.

These types of material handling systems are largely purchased by varying industries due to their features including:

  • Corrosion resistant chain
  • USDA approved belting
  • Resistant to water, harsh oils or chemicals
  • Lightweight conveyor belt
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Gentle handling minimizes product damage
  • High end wash down components
  • Rugged and proven design
  • Designed for dust-free conveying
  • Stainless steel sprockets & fasteners
  • Polished and coated for enhanced protection

Also the high-quality stainless steel contact surfaces ensure that safety is not compromised at any cost—be it while processing or cleaning.

Application Areas

Field proven, dependable and versatile USDA conveyor systems from Air Draulic Engineering meet the stringent sanitary requirements of the industries such as:

Where sanitation and changeover are paramount, Air Draulic Engineering USDA conveyor offerings are trusted by hundreds of enterprises across America. For more information, Contact our representative at 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote.