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Vertical Lift

Due to extensive design and engineering expertise, ADE is capable of providing several solutions for making working at heights tremendously easy, safe and trouble free. From our rich inventory of high performing material handling and conveying solutions, vertical lift has gained worldwide popularity and acceptance due to its self contained design and expert engineering that utilizes less floor space.

Why Choose ADE’s Vertical Lifts?

ADE’s vertical lifts provide perfect solution for swift and safe transportation of products to a higher elevation area with restricted floor space. The product has been designed and engineered exclusively for moving or conveying heavy load materials in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions to elevated working locations. By purchasing cost effective and maintenance free vertical lifts, you can not only save labor cost bust also avoid unfortunate accidents or injuries that may happen due to the manual conveying of heavy loads to heights.

When you procure vertical lifts from ADE, you can be assured of efficiency, productivity and safety at an optimum level.

Some of the features that lead to a rising popularity of vertical lifts across varied industrial sectors are:

  • Superiorly constructed platform for carrying heavy loads
  • Bottom platform safety panel
  • Cautiously designed and engineered in comply with the safety requirements set out within industry product standards
  • Rugged construction for use in both indoor and outdoor locations
  • Easy installation and service
  • Emergency stop, alarm and key switch
  • Comprehensively coated steel construction for enhanced protection in corrosion prone industrial areas
  • Custom platform sizes available


Quality Never Compromised at ADE

Like other product offerings of ADE, vertical lifts are also made with precision using top notch manufacturing technique for unrivalled performance in any critical industrial material handling applications. In order to ensure unsurpassable operational excellence and unmatched reliability, we make sure that each and every piece of vertical lift is comprehensively checked throughout the designing and manufacturing process to detect any fault or inefficiency. Since we take utmost care in every stage of the product manufacturing, the final product assembly will be of outstanding quality in compliance to international quality standards and safety protocols.