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Snow Plow Air Ram’s & Accessories

We Invented the Air Ram!!!!


In 1939, Stefen Gulczynski invented the first Air – Ram cylinder to help clear snow from New England highways. Developed for snow plow operators tired of the maintenance and cleanup associated with conventional hydraulic cylinders, the Air – Ram uses the trucks existing air brake system to provide power. After years of study and feed back we have enhanced the design and are proud to introduce to our NEW Generation II Air Ram.  

Product Features:

The NEW Gen II Air – Ram features a cast iron head, precision machined UHMW push plate, and heavy duty seals. The Gen II Air – Ram has a 2″ diameter stainless steel piston (which will never rust) and is capable of lifting snowplows up to 12 feet in length and weighing up to 4000lbs with 100psi.
  • Black powder coated.
  • Rust & Pit free.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Limited 2 year warranty!!!
  • Interior guaranteed not to RUST, BUST, CRACK, or PEEL*

Already have a Air-Ram and just need it cleaned up? 

We offer a refurbishing service by one of our expert ADE Air-Ram technicians on-site! 

Only need parts?  ADE stocks replacement parts for most models of Air-rams out there today. Call an ADE Air-ram expert to find out if we have what your looking for!

What’s NEW?

Do not miss out on this inexpensive way to create a better plowing experience for your drivers. The 3 position joystick valve provides your plow truck with the ability to hold a plow up a few inches off the ground to maneuver around those stubborn pot holes and man hole covers. Easy installation. Low Cost. GREAT BENEFITS! new with elbows  

Give us a call or send an email to order your 2017 ADE Snow Plow Air-Ram system or replacement parts TODAY!…

Made in the USA

Proudly for over 70 years!


ADE also possesses expertise in customizing truck snow plow pistons to suit the make and model of your truck. You can give us the specifications and we can ensure a quick delivery of the custom order with the incorporation of all the desired features on or before the scheduled delivery time.

Do you have more queries regarding air ram products, Please feel free to Contact with Air Draulic Engineering (ADE) representative at 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote.


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