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Material handling systems must be individually and specially designed by considering the type and nature of the product to be conveyed. Design of the conveyor system used in pharmaceutical industry must be different from those employed in food handling and processing industry.

With over half a century of experience in designing and developing custom conveyor solutions, Air Draulic Engineering knows the material handling requirements of each industry sector. Our solutions and products are the result of comprehensive market study and research conducted across multifarious industry sectors.

Today, we are the leading manufacturer of efficacious and high performing material handling solutions that are designed specifically for each industry type. They are ideal for conveying a wide variety of dry bulk solids and ingredients in the food, chemical, mineral, ceramic, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, water and many other industries. Our material handling solutions offer meticulous material flow efficiency and high precision positioning.

We have quick delivery of vast collection of innovative, easy-to-use and wisely designed conveyor system for applications including accumulation, heating/cooling, indexing, vision/metal detection, packaging, product transferring and laser coding.

The table below depicts the application area and the specific conveyor system designed for accomplishing the specific task.


Available types

  • Accumulation
Accumulation Table and Alpine Accumulator
  • Heating/Cooling
Heating and Cooling Tunnels and Heating Enclosure
  • Indexing
Indexing Conveyor and Indexing Trough Conveyor
  • Vision/Metal Detection
Merge Screw Conveyor
  • Packaging
Bulk Packing Stands, Hand Packing Conveyors, Packing System and Shelve Cart
  • Product Transfer
Erecting Transfer Conveyor, Powered Side Transfer and T-Transfer Conveyor
  • Laser Coding
Coding Conveyor and Stand-Alone Coding Systems

No matter what you want to convey, we provide you with perfect customized solution to meet your industry-specific demands.

Call us today at 781-961-1350 and we shall work together to create a solution for your material handling needs.