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A dependable accumulation system is critical in every high speed production line to ensure the continuous run of generating unit and also to increase production, minimize waste and decrease man power. There are conveyors specially designed for simplifying the accumulation process and enhancing the material flow management process in an efficient manner. Air Draulic Engineering has been in the business of designing and building industry-specific conveyor systems for the trouble-free, safe and easy conveying, handling and managing of various heavy and light-weighted materials and items.

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ADE’s accumulation conveyors are ideal for ensuring a steady supply of products to a machine or holding the supply when a machine stops. They are the widely accepted and appreciated conveyor systems for properly feeding products to a machine at a specific rate. These automated conveyor systems from ADE ensure the delicate handling of your products better than ever before. With a rigid construction, these conveyor systems offer non-contact accumulation of products between processing and packaging.

ADE offers two categories of simple and space saving conveyors for accumulation applications such as:

  • Accumulation Table – We recommend choosing this category when your applications require surging products on the conveyor until a given release signal. Built for wet and dry environments, these conveyor types provide clean and efficient feeding of products to machines without breaking or damaging the products.
  • Alpine Accumulator – ADE’s alpine accumulator features inline multi-tier design which minimizes required floor space. Built with extruded Aluminum, they can withstand the harshness of industrial environments.

Besides providing specially designed conveyor systems for your accumulation applications, we give you valuable suggestions to make an ideal selection. Please feel free to Contact with Air Draulic Engineering (ADE) representative at 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote for more information.

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