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Air Draulic Engineering, with its 40 years of experience in custom conveyor systems manufacturing, has achieved a competitive advantage in the market due to our proven engineering expertise, delivery of reliable products and safe and secure online transactions. We regularly interact with people working in several manufacturing plants to understand their material handling needs and thus provide solutions beyond their expectations.

Our range of conveyor systems not only helps you in conveying heavy and light duty products but also facilitates a wide range of other intricate tasks. We have in stock some specially designed conveyors with the help of which you can heat or cool a product when it is being conveyed for further processing.

ADE Conveyor Types For Heating/Cooling Applications

We have in stock two categories of conveyors that are widely used to convey materials which can be subjected to thermal operation during transit. These conveyor types are the simple and low cost construction available for handling a wide variety of solid particles ranging from lumps to powder, hot goods, and oil and grease.

Here is a brief description of the conveyor types that are precision made for convoluted heating and cooling applications.

  • Heating And Cooling Tunnels– These conveyor systems have been fabricated with utmost precision with top, bottom, and door panels made using superior and powerful stainless steel with insulation. They are the most ideal conveyor type available for removing surface and interior heat from products traveling on a conveyor.
  • Heating Enclosure– They are uniquely designed by including infrared coils for convection heating and ruggedly built using stainless steel materials with effective and reliable insulation.


Both these categories are in use worldwide in industries such as:

  • Wood Products
  • Foundries
  • Salt Mines
  • Breweries
  • Paper
  • Sewage Plants
  • Food Handling
  • Rendering
  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Feed & Grain
  • Glass Plants

ADE is known worldwide for our engineering excellence and extensive design expertise. With immense R&D conducted by our engineering and design experts, we provide cutting-edge solutions with advanced features for easing all the material handling activities.

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