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Sturdy and powerful conveyor systems are essential for automating all the material handling and conveying applications in manufacturing, packaging and warehousing sectors. Use of appropriate conveyor systems with advanced options can effectively improve your line’s efficiency and productivity. Air Draulic Engineering is the name synonym for top-of-the-line and high-performing industry-specific conveyor systems that are the result of unmatched design and engineering excellence. Amongst the range of ADE’s product line, conveyors designed for indexing application are popular in the market due to their excellent operational stability and advanced features.

ADE’s indexing conveyors have been intelligently designed and precision made to move products in a series of steps rather than in a continuous flow. This systematic flow provides time for other equipments on the line to carry out functions such as filling or dosing, lidding, labeling, inkjet printing in an efficient way. Our range of indexing conveyors creates specific spacing between product, position products accurately for interface with robotics or other machines, and meter product into the next operation.

Air Draulic Engineering categories of conveyors for indexing applications include:


Product Advantages

  • Suitable for specialized filling and other process applications
  • Stepper motor driven for precise indexing
  • Predominantly 304 grade stainless steel construction
  • Rigidly mounted for stability
  • Ability to run multiple bands of belting on one conveyor
  • Heavy duty load carrying capacities

Partnering with ADE offers you a good return on your investment. We value our customers; hence we make sure all the conveyors are designed and developed strictly following the internationally agreed standards and protocols. We test all our conveyor systems comprehensively prior to the shipment.

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