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Vision/Metal Detection

As per Material Handling Institutes of America, “Material handling is the art and science associated with providing the right materials to the right place in the right quantities, in the right condition, in the right sequence, in the right orientation, at the right time, at the right cost using the right methods.

So, which are the right methods available for conveying products from one end to another? The process of conveying products using robots is expensive and might be difficult for a medium sized firm to implement. The other cost-effective, safe and reliable method for conveying materials of any size, form and shape is the one using conveyors. By using the right conveyor type, problems associated with transporting raw materials, finished pats, boxes, crates, pallets and luggage can be effectively minimized and evaded to a large extent.

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Internationally accepted as the leading player in the designing, manufacturing and supplying of flexible and dependable conveyor systems, Air Draulic Engineering has been serving multifarious industry sectors successfully for more than 4 decades.

Air Draulic Engineering’s Product:

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Amongst various models available, ADE’s merge screw conveyors are popular in the industry due to their advanced features and improved functionality. They are used extensively for cycle merging. The conveyor type allows you to combine two lines into one at 660ppm.

Air Draulic Engineering provides our clients with quality and durable range of screw conveyors. These conveyors find a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, food and cement industries and many other industries that require bulk handling of products.


Merge screw conveyors advantages:

  • Eliminate as many manual operations as possible
  • Reduce the workload of operators
  • Minimize the actual manual handling to a larger extent
  • Enhance the workflow between operations effectively
  • Convey products to unsafe locations in an efficient manner

Simplicity of operation is one of the key elements that make ADE’s merge screw conveyors unique and stand alone in the market. Built for reliable and durable performance in wet, dust and corrosion prone industrial environments, our range of screw conveyors provides you a good return on your investment.

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