5 Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Accumulation Conveyor Maintenance

Accumulation conveyors are integral systems of a manufacturing facility. Yet, many times, due to the pressure of high production runs, and lack of complete procedures, they are not given a lot of importance in terms of maintenance. It is only when the conveyor suffers a breakdown, and orders pile up that the facility management realizes the importance of conveyor maintenance.

At Air Draulic Engineering (ADE), we do not wish for our clients to suffer from common mistakes made by conveyor users in many industries. For this reason, we have provided information about common errors to avoid regarding accumulation conveyors.

Accumulation Conveyors Mistakes to Avoid

The points given below are common mistakes performed by customers. By avoiding these points, you will be in a position to maintain the performance of your conveyor.

  1. Inadequate Inventory: One simple reason why many customers suffer from downtime, is that they do not have adequate replacement parts to work with. While keeping a spare part for every component is not viable, certain important products like shafts, motors, wiring, and bearings should be readily available in a crisis situation.
  1. Irregular Inspections: A proper maintenance cycle can ensure the quality and performance of a conveyor. Even quick inspections can ensure that the accumulation conveyor is running properly. Intermittent maintenance cycles, or a lack thereof can result in the conveyor breaking down at the last minute.
  1. Unkempt Maintenance Records: Keeping a record is advantageous, as it can help understand the solutions to recurring problems. It can also help you to know when the next periodic maintenance operation should take place.
  1. Disregarding OSHA Standards: Maintaining a safe workplace is a commitment to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). However, when the pressure of production is high, conveyor safety can get neglected. This neglect can result in employees getting injured, and costs to the organization in terms of medical and repairs. Hence it is always important to ensure that the maintenance work adheres to OSHA standards.
  1. Repeating Mistakes: Although breakdowns can be annoying, they can also be opportunities for improvement. Certain common problems can be fixed, and not repeated again. However, there are some facilities that do not learn from their mistakes. Hence, they have to deal with the same problems repeatedly. Simple preventive maintenance can ensure that the conveyor is up to speed, and common problems will not reoccur.

Conveyor breakdowns create a havoc, downtime, increase costs, and reduce profits. Ensuring the conveyor maintenance is performed on a periodic basis will help avoid such issues.

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