Air Draulic Engineering to Exhibit Air Ram at Snow Con 2016

Air Draulic Engineering Co. Inc. (ADE) is one of the leading manufacturers in custom conveyor systems. Although that is not how we got our start or our name. In 1939, we invented the first and only pneumatic plow truck “Air Ram”. Now we are looking at new ways to market this products and services. The organization is participating in the upcoming Snow Con 2016. The trade show is taking place in Albany, New York from August 11th to 13, 2016. As an exhibitor, ADE will be showcasing its well-known product, the Air Ram Cylinder Product, all day Saturday, August 13th in the main arena.


A Look at Air Draulic Engineering’s Air Ram Cylinder

The Air Ram Cylinder is a specialized snow plow product. It is designed to make the task of plowing snow safer, faster, and easier. The product is manufactured after careful analysis of the rough and unstable weather that is experienced in New England. The following points are the benefits and applications of the Air Ram Cylinder:

  • The Air Ram is extremely user friendly, and easy to operate.
  • It can be mounted onto trucks for snow plows easily.
  • ADE provides a complete guide, elaborating on installation, operation, safety, etc.

You can find out more information about the ADE Air Ram Cylinder by reading this post.  

About Snow Con 2016

Snow Con 2016 is a snow and ice management trade show. This year, the event is being held at the Times Union Center in Albany. The aim of the trade show is to help increase awareness of the hazards of ice and snowfall, and measures to maintain them. The trade show includes talks by experts from well-known weather, and snow and ice management organizations around the country. It is also a great destination for various companies to exhibit their snow and ice management products and solutions.

Customers old and new will have the opportunity to interact with the ADE team and take advantage of the show discount of 5% off per air ram. Also if you have any queries answered. You can also get a firsthand look at the Air Ram with Alecia Gulczynski, the inventers great-grand daughter, and understand its features. Be sure visit ADE’s exhibition stand at Snow Con 2016 in Times Union Center August 11th onwards.



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