Belt Conveyors – Factors Considered to Increase Conveyor Capacity

The continual rise of commodity prices, and a stable demand by consumers would be the best time to increase belt conveyor capacity. There are a few reasons for this – The factories can keep up with the demand; they can get more deliveries, and ensure a continual supply of commodities to consumers.

Factor Considered when Increasing Belt Conveyor Capacity

For belt conveyors, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered to accomplish this task. Each factor has its share of pros and cons. They need to be considered before choosing to make changes in the belt conveyor.

  • Increasing Belt Width: A wide belt can provide more space for a higher number of commodities. However, a wider belt may have increased weight depending on the rubber that is used in the manufacturing process. This can lead to limitations in terms roll lengths, and increased number of splices during operation.
  • Increasing Belt Speed: Belt capacity and speed have a linear relationship. Increase in belt speed will allow for quicker moving of materials and commodities down the conveyor line. This can lead to faster lead, packaging and delivery times. However, it can also result in the need for elaborate drive controls, longer stop and start times, and mitigation for conveyor resonance and vibrations.
  • Employing Low Rolling Resistance Rubber: Studies have shown that use of general rubber materials results in indentation, which leads to belt tension. Low rolling resistance rubber is designed to reduce energy losses on idler rolls. Also known as LRR, it also reduces the belt tension, thus saving tonnage amount, as well as motor power.

Conveyor length is also sometimes taken as a factor. However, little evidence has come up to prove that conveyor length does have an effect on belt strength and an increase in capacity.

If you are looking at increasing the capacity of your belt conveyor system, these are the factors that need to be considered. You can even discuss these points with your conveyor manufacturer. He is the best person to advise you on these points.

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