High Performance and Reliable Sanitary Conveyors for Hygiene-Critical Applications

The demands for sanitary conveyors are increasing with every passing day. They are largely preferred across several industrial sectors ranging from food processing, health care, and pharmaceutical industries among others. The popularity of sanitary conveyors are accounted due to their rugged construction using FDA and USDA approved conveyor belts, and high speed vibration free operation, among others. The ability to withstand heavy wash-downs also adds to the popularity of sanitary conveyors.

Widespread Applications in Food Processing Industry

Sanitary conveyors are sought after for the food processing applications primarily due to their easy-to-clean and wash-down designs. These features help maintain hygiene and cleanliness, which are the primary requirements for both the industries.

Sanitary conveyors can be used to handle or convey both packaged and loose food products without worrying about cross-contamination and related foodborne illness. All these features justify the use of sanitary conveyors for the below listed applications:

  • Fruits and vegetables conveying
  • Cheese-whey processing
  • Dairy products processing
  • Confectionery conveying and feeding to packaging lines
  • Donut and bread handling
  • Meat handling, processing, and conveying
  • Raw meat, poultry, and seafood transporting to further processing or packaging
Keep Them Clean

Sanitary conveyors are exclusively designed to meet the hygiene requirements of the food processing industry. They are manufactured with stainless steel motors and reducers, fasteners, guide rail brackets, supports, bearings, chain, among others to assure fast and effective sanitation. However, in order to get maximum value out of these conveyor units, it is critical to always keep them clean. The belts must be cleaned before and after each use, this helps to prevent clogging of debris in its internals. You can simply wipe off with a wet cotton cloth to clean the belts regularly. In addition, operators must clean the interiors of the conveyor on a regular basis. This can be done using any industrial cleaning solution. Also, you must subject your sanitary conveyors to heavy wash-downs once in a month, or less than that.

To operate, clean, and maintain food processing sanitary conveyor, follow the instructions provided in the user manual stringently. This is critical not only to augment its service period, but also to maintain hygiene and quality of the food being conveyed.

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