Points to Keep in Mind when Maintaining Accumulation Conveyors

In a previous post, we had discussed about mistakes to avoid when working with accumulative conveyors. While those points were important, there are other methods to ensure that your conveyor is up-to-date, and running properly.

How to Maintain the Efficacy of your Conveyor System

The following points that can be performed to ensure safe operation and efficient performance of a conveyor:

  • Maintain Efficiency of the Controls:

    As technology becomes more sophisticated, greater attention needs to be paid to maintenance cycles. Conveyor controls are among the first components to start deteriorating. Hence, they need to be given special attention. Aspects like the programming of the control system, scanners, and buttons need to be checked at least once a month to ensure that everything is working properly.

  • Use the Conveyor as Intended:

    Every conveyor is designed with particular capabilities. It is essential that the conveyor be used as per its design. If there is excess stress on the conveyor, it can lead to parts wearing off quickly. For example, large boxes should not be used with narrow conveyor lines.

  • Train your Employees:

    One of the biggest reasons why conveyors experience breakdowns is that the personnel in charge of running the operation are not adequately trained. This can lead to accidents, injuries, and even deaths. These can have an immense negative impact on the organization. All employees who work within the vicinity of the conveyor should be given training. They should also be trained to look out for any small issues, and report them to the supervising manager. This can help prevent any major problems as well as reduce costs.

  • Avail External Maintenance Services:

    If performing maintenance operations in-house is difficult, an alternate solution is to get another company to perform the servicing for you. These organizations consist of trained professionals, who understand the component and performance of the accumulation conveyors. You can opt for a monthly visit so that the conveyor is always kept in good shape.

Turning these activities into a part of your routine can ensure that your accumulation conveyor will operate to the highest levels of excellence. When it comes to conveyor maintenance and repairs, points such as the ones mentioned above is just good business.

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