Stockroom Roller Racking – An Innovative Storage Solution to Keep your Showroom Highly Organized

Stockroom roller racking or mobile shelving system is the best unit available to maximize the storage capacity of factory outlets and retail showrooms. These units are brilliantly designed to store large volume of products, helping to maintain well-organized and efficient stock rooms. They are exclusively engineered for confined areas.

roller rackThe Demand for Stockroom Roller Racking is On a Rise!

Over the years, stockroom roller racking has been replacing several other conventional static shelving. There are several reasons accounted for its gaining popularity. These include:

  • Stockroom roller racking is designed with a minimal number of access aisles. Due to this brilliant engineering, more racking bays can be integrated, leading to a substantial increase in storage density.
  • Adding to the above point, these units can provide 60% increase in storage space when compared to traditional storage units. Hence, they are ideal for stocking a large inventory including clothes and shoes efficiently, even during peak season.
  • The system consumes less space. This helps in saving lots of space at your facility for admin or any other packaging activity.
  • It can be easily customized according to users’ specifications. Several add-ons can be integrated to the basic design to enhance the efficiency and performance of these storage units. For example, it can be custom manufactured to include pull along type handles, mechanical hand wheels, and more numbers of racking bays upon request.
  • Since they are manufactured from stainless steel, you can be assured of long years of uninterrupted performance. They are scratch, abrasion, vibration, and corrosion resistant, and can withstand harsh conditions that exist in industrial set ups.
A Note on Customization

When custom manufacturing stockroom roller racking, be sure about the application requirements. The customer should provide exact specifications after considering the following.

  • The type and quantity of the products to be stored.
  • The size, length, and width of the products to be stored.
  • Special conditions exist in the application areas, such as keeping the unit in cold storage environments, or placing the system in high traffic areas. The construction method, and raw materials for the manufacturing will be decided according to the intended application areas.

By investing in this innovative storage solution, you can be assured of an efficient and organized way of storing a large volume of products in your stock rooms.


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