Why Conveyor Belts are the most Popular amongst Material Handling Systems in the Mining Industry

In the mining industry, various automated material handling equipment are used for moving, and transporting products. Some of these include robotic delivery systems, Automatic Guided Systems (AGV), and conveyor systems.  However, conveyor systems are the oldest and most popular than all automated material handling devices mentioned above.

5 Reasons behind the Popularity of Conveyor Belt Systems

Conveyors belts are used in mines to move materials quickly and efficiently for distribution and manufacturing purposes.  They help reduce labor costs, prevent accidents, and maximize productivity. A closer look at the below mentioned five benefits will help you understand the reasons behind their popularity.

  1. Easier Material Handling: The speed and efficiency of conveyor belt systems allow manufacturers to meet their production targets easily. Conveyor belts are used to transport mined material from mining fields to the nearest production facility.
  2. Reduces Injury: Conveyor belts are used in many heavy duty applications to reduce the human labor involved. This reduces the chances of accidents and problems related to bones, joints, and muscles. It also results in improved employee performance, as well as fewer sick leaves, and insurance claims.
  3. Environment-Friendly: Conveyors don’t use fossil fuels, which ultimately reduce air emissions. This contributes to a safer and environment-friendly workplace.
  4. Secured Handling: Conveyors handle materials more gently than other motorized systems. Their speed can be increased or decreased depending on the requirement. For jobs requiring fixed delivery, the belt speed can be adjusted accordingly.
  5. Versatility: Belt conveyors are designed to handle a vast range of bulk materials in fine to large lump sizes. For example, conveyors are used to load very fine Portland cement at container terminals.

Conveyor belt systems are ideal solutions for mining companies looking to improve their material handling capabilities, as well as their overall productivity. If you are looking for high-performance mining conveyors, then you can consider Air-Draulic Engineering Co. Inc.’s high performance mining conveyors for mine development. These conveyors are designed to handle complex material handling requirements of various mining applications.

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