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Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation conveyors are used in warehouse automation systems for buffering, and accumulating products in preparation for the downstream process. These conveyors can be used to transport products during various warehouse processes such as packing, order picking, palletizing, sorting, and good preparation. Air-Draulic Engineering Co. Inc. (ADE), provides various types of industrial-grade accumulation conveyors.

Types of Accumulation Conveyors Provided by ADE

Following are the popular types of accumulation conveyors provided by us:

Accumulation Conveyors: These conveyors provide large storage space to handle or amass cans, bottles, and plastic containers.
Alpine Conveyors: These conveyors have an inline multi-tier design and connects various other machinery in the production line.

Benefits of ADE Accumulation Conveyors

Following benefits of our accumulation conveyors make them ideal for various industries:

Compact Footprint: Our accumulation conveyor products possess compact footprint and is designed for small and tight spaces.
Built with Durable Components: All our conveyor systems are made with durable materials such as extruded aluminum. This durable construction makes them ideal for harsh environments.
Power Saver Designs: Our conveyor systems are equipped with advanced power saver technology. It means these conveyors use a fraction of power than conventional accumulation systems.

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