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Standard Conveyors

Air -Draulic Engineering (ADE) provides a variety of standard conveyor systems for different types of industries. Our conveyors are known for their high quality, ruggedness, and ability to provide long-lasting performance. They provide safe, fast, and efficient material and component flow solutions for different industrial facilities.

Our Standard Conveyor Offerings

We provide standard conveyors in a variety of designs. Most of these products are constructed from industrial grade steel, plastic, and aluminum.

• Steel construction provides benefits of cleanliness, strength, easy maintenance, and long conveyor service life.
• Aluminum construction offers advantages of light weight and durability. It also requires a small amount of aluminum material for construction purposes.
• Plastic conveyors are known for their modular construction, light duty construction, and versatility in terms of drives, belts, or guide rail designs.

At ADE, we provide standard conveyors with indexing and extrusion features, modular plastic belts, flighted designs, and thermo drive belts. All of our conveyor products can be customized to suit the requirements of customers.

These products can be used in sanitary, as well as harsh industrial environments. Our standard conveyors are well-known for their use in dairy, pharmaceutical food and beverage, manufacturing, and warehousing industries. Please click on any of the products below for more details.