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Roller Racks

Are you finding your existing racking system inefficient to store heavy machines of different sizes and shapes? Are you in search for a strong and convenient system for secure storing with easy access? If yes, you have reached the right place, wherein you will find a rich inventory of Roller Racks that are specifically designed to store your heavy machine dies. By associating with the industry renowned manufacturer, ADE, you not only receive quality products but also gain a good return on your investment.

Possess Unsurpassable Engineering Excellence to provide you the Best and Durable!

We possess the engineering excellence in fabricating Roller Racks exactly the way you need. The racking system, which is known in the market for its strength and durability, has been largely purchased for use in warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and other industrial sectors.

Some of the significant features that add to the popularity and acceptance of ADE Roller Racks in the market are:

  • Complete space utilization
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Comfortable and easy access to the items stored
  • Frames made of steel; hence durability and quality is assured
  • Light weight and available in compact designs
  • Highly flexible to carry it to wherever you required in your facility
  • Durable and wear and tear resistant

This heavy-duty Roller Rack from ADE features docking stations with alignment pins and standard safety gate. Battery operated transport carts are also available as per the requirements of customers.

Like all the other products, ADE roller racks are also delivered to customer’s doorsteps after a stringent quality check. Hence, the quality of these racking systems is ensured as promised.

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