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Floors of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers are usually piled with raw materials, small and large parts, semi processed materials and finished products. The need of sturdy and robust material handling and storage system is imperative in such areas in order to systematically organize and arrange materials and products of various kinds.

Owing to a rich industry experience over decades, Air Draulic Engineering possesses the expertise to assess the frequently changing industry needs for efficient material handling systems. Hence, we regularly modify the existing product line or create completely new products to make the jobs at various industrial sectors safe and hassle-free.

ADE’s Tables – Highly Robust and Reliable for use in Industrial Sectors

Strong, reliable and durable Tables from ADE are specifically designed keeping in mind various material handling, storing and conveying applications in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and other industrial sectors. Customers from these sectors use ADE’s industrial grade Tables for storing piles of heavy or light duty materials or conveying raw materials, semi or finished materials from one part of the plant to another. The purchasing of this table is also beneficial to workers as it prevents them from lifting loads from the floor on a frequent basis.

Customization Possible as Requested

The sturdy built using the strongest materials available such as steel, aluminum, or stainless steel etc., has made them a popular choice amongst the other similar products available in the market. Also, our expertise in customization makes us the most trusted and leading source for procuring these industrial grade tables.

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