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Personal Care & Toiletries

With over several years of experience, Air Draulic Engineering has gained the expertise in designing and manufacturing special purpose conveyor systems distinctively for each industry type. We have in stock an exclusive line of superior-quality material handling systems specially designed and engineered for storing and conveying personal care and toiletries items including shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants and high quality cosmetics and perfumes.

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Air Draulic Engineering personal care/toiletries conveyors have been smartly engineered using strong and powerful materials such as stainless steel and Aluminum with corrosion resistant insulation and coating. These conveyor systems are the result of our engineering expertise and market study conducted across various industry sectors.

Explore our list of conveyors designed for storing and conveying personal care and toiletries products and make an ideal selection accordingly.

With Air Draulic Engineering, you will find the following categories of personal care/toiletries conveyor systems:

  • Alpine AccumulatorsSpecially constructed using extruded aluminum for safely storing deodorant sticks. The unique design with inline multi-tier makes these conveyors ideal for applications in minimal floor space.
  • Heating and cooling tunnelsThey are the inventive and the most viable solution available for removing surface and interior heat from the products that are transported on a conveyor. Our range of heating and cooling conveyors has been widely employed for cooling lip gloss.
  • Indexing trough conveyorsThey are ideally used for indexing a roll of toilet papers and wrapping papers.


All these categories of personal care/toiletries conveyor systems have been designed and developed for accomplishing specific materials handling and storing applications. Contact with Air Draulic Engineering (ADE) representative at 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote for availing the industry best conveyors at value driven prices.