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Modular Platforms

Rationally designed and precision engineered platforms are imperative to support day-to-day activities in most facilities. Unlike in the past, today, there have been huge demands coming up from various industrial sectors for platforms in order to make working at heights and outreaches easy, safe, and secure. ADE designs and manufactures platforms of several types for use in construction, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and other industrial sectors wherein workers are involved in various dangerous tasks at heights. Amongst the rich portfolio of platforms, ADE’s modular platforms are extremely popular in the market as they are flexible enough to be carried and placed in multiple locations quickly and effortlessly.

Benefit by Investing in ADE’s Modular Platforms

Since modular platforms from ADE are constructed with slip-resistant molded grating, you can be assured an easy and safe walkway without the fear of slipping or falling. Extremely robust construction using corrosion resistant materials allows you to use the platform efficiently for long years even with minimal maintenance.

ADE’s modular light duty platforms feature a no-tool design with ball detent locking pins for easy breakdown and storage. Also, since they are light-weight and come with easy assembly features, you can simply carry the platform to the required locations comfortably.

Here are some of the noteworthy features of ADE’s modular platforms:

  • Predrilled for easy configurations
  • Slip resistant decking
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • 45-degree stair slope for easy climbing


Excellent Customer Support and Assistance

ADE makes sure that modular platforms are shipped with an easy-to-read instructions, drawings and installation booklet. This allows our customers to assemble or install the platforms easily without the need of an expert.

Benefit from investing in our range of high performing and extremely durable modular platforms; quality is assured as promised. Call us at: 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote for more information.