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Amongst the exclusive and high-performing range of products, Air Draulic Engineering platforms have gained a distinguished place in the market due to their rugged and superior quality built using corrosion resistant Aluminum. These strong and powerful conveyor systems have been professionally designed for conveying all kinds of heavy and light-weighted materials of any size and shape to elevated work locations. Also, platforms help to carry personnel to such work locations and thus allow them to work safely, productively and comfortably at heights. Rugged and sturdy platforms from Air Draulic Engineering offers heavyweight stability and long service life even with continual use in any harsh and rugged industrial environment.

Air Draulic Engineering – Delivering innovative solutions

Air Draulic Engineering exclusive range of platforms can be used in indoor and also in the craggy outdoor locations. They can be employed in a comprehensive range of applications in construction sites, arboriculture works, mechanical or electrical works, supermarket and so on. Materials and tools are largely conveyed on platforms during several challenging construction and maintenance activities.

Air Draulic Engineering is your top-of-the-line source for availing platforms that are designed for specific applications in both industrial and commercial sectors.

Our range of high grade and ingenious platforms include:

We possess inventive engineering tactics and cutting edge manufacturing techniques to fabricate customized designs to meet the specific need and layout of customers. All the categories of platforms listed on the website are available for immediate shipping. Allow Air Draulic Engineering to serve you better; we shall work together to find solutions for all your material handling risks and problems.