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Alpine Accumulator

ADE’s alpine accumulator features inline multi-tier design which minimizes required floor space. Built with extruded Aluminium, they can withstand the harshness of industrial environments. Our alpine systems deliver immense results in a narrow footprint with simplified design using standard conveyor components and controls to elevate product, therefore minimizing use of floor space. From design to system startup, alpine conveyors offer clever alternatives for efficient use of your facility. We start by offering designs for the best use of your production facility, with alpines from standard to customized conveyors that offer the best combinations of automation and space minimization.

Companies who have familiarity with conveyors have too-often overlooked the potential of alpine conveyors. Customer feedback upon using alpine conveying has demonstrated the new levels of gratification. Alpine conveyors offer in-line FIFO product transport, and can be designed to elevate, lower or cushion products between machines. Also they can be installed as offline accumulators that are designed to either pre-store product or for product storage during downstream production stoppages. The system uses multi-flex chain with a unique knuckle hinge arrangement providing extra strength compared to conventional side-flexing table top chain. The chain also provides the ability to flex in multiple directions. Longer runs with a single drive are possible since the multi-flex chain used in concurrence with anti-friction turn discs prevents chain tension build-up.