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Heating & Cooling Tunnels

ADE designs and manufactures only those products that provide our customers with maximum return on investment. We never take efforts in making conveyor or material handling equipment just for the sake of adding into in our product portfolio. Instead, we fabricate products after comprehensively analyzing various industry specific requirements and needs. Our exclusive category of cooling tunnels is also the result of such requirement analysis done by our diligent professionals in various manufacturing, packaging and warehousing sectors.

We Know Exactly What You Need

Yes, we know what you need to make your industrial processes and activities easy, safe and trouble free at your facility. Our solutions and products are tailored to meet the expectations and requirements of customers from the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and several other sectors.

ADE’s cooling tunnel, which can be easily incorporated in to a full process line, has been designed with maximum efficiency and sanitary requirements in mind. Originally developed for efficient transport, cooling and conditioning of food products, we now provide the cooling system for use in various industrial sectors for cooling products before sending them for further processing.

Modular construction, hygienic design, ease of installation, and unique conveyor and cooling design are some of the supreme features that add to the prominence of our cooling tunnels in the market. Apart from these, cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency also augment their success in the market.

Available in several makes, models and custom designs, ADE’s cooling tunnel is fabricated in accordance with industry standards by exploiting several sophisticated technologies.


Cool Your Products Without Inducing Detrimental Changes to Product Quality

Our range of cooling tunnels has huge demand in the market due to their splendid features, super performance and longevity. They are the best amongst all the other similar products available in the market for cooling your products before sending for further processing or to packaging/ labeling equipment.

ADE’s Heating and Cooling Tunnels are highly effective and it is also an energy efficient means to remove surface and interior heat from products that are traveling on a conveyor.

Some of the noteworthy features of the product include:

  • Top, bottom, and door panels are superiorly made of light gauge stainless steel with insulation.
  • Modular design consists of 4 foot in-feed section, 10 foot cooling sections, and a 4 foot discharge section. Each section contains its own evaporator and cooling coils.
  • Temperature display which can be done per section is optional.
  • Doors can be easily swung open for ease of maintenance and sanitation.
  • Quick repairs due to easily removable fan shroud assembly.
  • Precision mounted coil and fan type cooling system.
  • Constructed using thick, high impact and chemical resistant materials.

The system, which was primarily designed for cooling lip gloss, is now largely used in heating and cooling applications for cooling several food items and other products.


ADE Makes You Feel Great About Your Investment

ADE makes you feel that your investment is worth every penny. Allow the expert in the industry to provide you with cooling tunnels that are energy-efficient and cost-efficient.


Call us to Gain Valuable Information before Selecting a Model

Besides merely providing cooling tunnels to customers, we also provide comprehensive ideas on several makes and models of the systems provided by us. Even if the requirement is for standard or custom designs, we make sure that our customers understand the model well before the purchase. Contact us at: 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote to know more!