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Heating Enclosures

ADE’s Heating Enclosure is the answer to all your product pre heating needs. Ingeniously designed and engineered heating system offers you high end flexibility in pre-heating a wide variety of products. ADE’s Heating Enclosure systems are the result of extensive design capabilities coupled with immense engineering excellence.


Why they are Popular in Short Time?

Like all the other ADE’s products, Heating Enclosures have also gained immense recognition and wide acceptance within a short span of time due to their robust construction and excellent operational performance.

  The product features:
  • Infrared coils for convection heating
  • Safety interlock between drive and heaters
  • Temperature sensor and fusible link for efficient operation
  • Enclosure constructed from highly durable and anti-corrosive stainless steel
  • Options for adjusting the temperature as needed as per the application
  • Easy installation and safe operations
  • Side doors for maintenance access
  • Bottom doors for easy and trouble-free cleaning
  • Fully insulated heat chamber
  • USDA approved

Owing to a rich industry experience backed with the support of skilled and expert engineers, ADE has been delivering highly durable and reliable Heating Enclosures in custom designs, options, and configurations. The product is unrivaled by none in the market as it is engineered utilizing world-class technology and high-grade manufacturing technique.


ADE – Your Trusted Source for Cost-effective and Energy-efficient Heating Enclosure

Avail the most economical, compact and easy-to-operate Heating Enclosure from ADE that offers even heat distribution for pre heating an assortment of products.