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Indexing Trough Conveyor

ADE always welcomes its customers to engage in active conversation, as it believes that doing so is extremely beneficial for both the company and the customers. All the conveyor systems available at ADE are precision made after analyzing the demands that are derived from the discussion. We listen to you carefully and thus provide you with a wide assortment of custom conveyors incorporating all the design specifications. No wonder why we have achieved a substantial competitive advantage in the market and earned the trust of customers from multifarious industrial sectors.

Rich Portfolio of Specialized Conveyors for Industry Specific Applications

Whenever you approach us with any of your industry specific conveyor requirements, you will be pleased by seeing our rich portfolio of products. If you require a specialized conveyor system for indexing rolls of products such as toilet paper and wrapping paper, we have the perfect solution in stock; the Indexing Trough Conveyors. These conveyor types have been largely purchased by customers from various industries as they are found to be the most effective and efficient for various demanding indexing applications. Also, they are popular in the market due to their high operational reliability, long life cycle, and easy maintenance.


ADE’s team of diligent personnel takes immense efforts in designing and engineering indexing conveyor in a way that matches to the requirements and expectations of customers.

Indexing Trough Conveyors from ADE feature an extremely rugged built using corrosion and wear and tear resistant stainless steel. Also, they feature stainless steel trough-style trays fastened with three (3) chains inside the conveyor frame. This sturdy construction enhances its durability irrespective of incessant usage in harsh and corrosion prone industrial set up.

We bring you Quality Solutions to overcome your Conveyor Challenges

Whatever is your conveying challenge, consider it solved completely at ADE. This is the promise we make to our customers, and of course we keep up the promise by delivering finest grade of conveyors for extremely challenging material conveying/handling applications.