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Powered Side Transfer

Modular design, customized features and extremely durable performance are some of the many factors that add to the popularity and acceptance of ADE’s Power Side Transfer conveyors. Extremely unique design and precision engineering using superior grade parts and components have also made them stand prominent in the market.

This product has been largely used by manufacturing, distribution, packaging and warehousing sectors for efficient product handling and conveying applications. By using this system, gentle product handling and conveying is possible without any manual supervision.

Product Features

ADE’s Powered Side Transfer conveyor combines two lanes into one while maintaining product orientation. Also this conveyor system exhibits the following attributes.

  • Low-profile side section that keeps the product from falling off
  • Automated and allows for unattended operation
  • Easy Clean roller surface technology for wash down capability
  • Non contact accumulation
  • Variable speed limit
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Run at high speeds
  • Powered transfer rollers for smooth and precise moving of products
  • Outstanding accumulation and metering capabilities
  • Gently and quietly convey different kinds of products


ADE Known for Finest and Safest Conveyor Design

ADE’s Powered Side Transfer conveyors are built to last and constructed to exacting standards using stainless steel parts and components. You will feel great on your investment as the product delivers excellent capability, flexibility and high end performance in any rugged industrial set up.