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Rotary Packing Table

For decades, ADE rotary packing tables have proven themselves as an exceptional solution for applications that require a buffer space to store or accumulate products until the products are sent for further processing. Readily available in various sizes and diameters as per the requirements of customers, rotary packing tables exhibit excellent operational performance due to their high end construction using stainless steel.

Product Features

The design of ADE rotary packing tables is such that it can handle numerous products at a time including loose or semi packaged materials. The popularity and prominence of the product has been increasing tremendously day by day especially due to its excellent design, exceptional load holding capacity, long shelf life and unmatched corrosion resistance property.

Some other features that make them unique in the market are:
  • Robust bearings
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Saving of valuable floor space
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Height adjustable according to needs
  • Can withstand heavy wash down

ADE Meets your Expectations by Delivering Quality Solutions at Cost Effective Deals

We always provide our customers with products that provide a good return on their investment. We also make sure that the products we have manufactured meet their industry specific requirements at an optimum level. Our rotary packing tables are also not an exception to this.

We carefully study our customers’ requirements and provide them with standard or customized rotary tables to best suit their needs. You can trust and partner with us for custom designs as well. Hitherto, we have manufactured thousands of custom rotary packing tables, which are being efficiently used in several industries all over the world.

Air Draulic’s rotary packing table is ideal for bag packaging when accumulation is necessary.Stainless steel construction. Optional rail cutouts.

Available in 36″, 48″, and 60″ diameters, custom heights, and portable.20 rpm variable drive.Features articulating levelers (±2″) or Roll-away locking casters.

The “wishbone” table is the perfect compliment to the rotary table, shown here together.

Stainless steel construction. Available in custom heights and portable. Features 3/4″ thick UHMW deck.

Optional articulating levelers (±2″) or Roll-away locking casters.

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