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T-Transfer Conveyor

Is your production line facing problem due to the inefficiency of your straight transfer conveyor systems? Is it giving you troubles due to the hang up or tumble of small packages in the gap between the belts while transferring products to another conveyor? Stop using such inefficient and incompetent conveyor system that frequently gives you plights and dilemma.

After analyzing the common issues concerning the straight transfer conveyors, ADE has designed a specialized T- transfer conveyor system for transferring products of any size, shape and weight safely and quickly to other conveyors for further processing. The unique design, high end performance and reliable long years of service have made this type of conveyor a highly purchased amongst ADE product line.

Benefit from using ADE’s T-Transfer Conveyor


ADE has a team of highly competent and skilled personnel who conducts a thorough market study on a daily basis to assess the material handling requirements of customers. With the support of such comprehensive data collected, the team designs conveyors incorporating advanced features. The wide range of T-Conveyors available at ADE is also the result of such incessant studies conducted across several manufacturing, warehousing and distribution plants.

Below listed are some of the features of T-transfer conveyors.

  • Specifically designed for smooth and gentle product transfer between conveyors
  • Full stainless steel construction for durability
  • Heavy duty design with easy to clean, adjust and mount features
  • Energy efficient internally mounted speed motors

Kindly let us know if you are not finding T-transfer conveyors as per your requirements in our stock. We possess the expertise in making custom conveyors as per your specifications.


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