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Shearing is considered by many as a high risk operation since it is associated with several safety and health issues. However, the shearing division of Air Draulic Engineering has not yet experienced with any kind of such health or safety problems, as the department is functioning strictly following the international safety standards and regulations. This highly structured and organized department supports ADE’s manufacturing operations efficiently by timely responding to the requirements of sheet metal cutting and thus facilitates on time completion of projects.

Conveyor and other material handling equipment manufacturing require the precision cutting of metal sheet in order to complete the manufacturing processes. Since ADE has an in-house shearing department equipped with cutting-edge shearing machines and experienced professionals, we don’t need to outsource the operation. This helps us save time and speeds up the manufacturing process to ensure on time product delivery.

ADE’s Sheering Services Department Capability

Our Clausing shear can cut up to 120″, 14″ steel or aluminum and 7ga stainless steel to achieve all your custom needs. All kinds of thick or thin metal plates can be cut precisely in any specification within a minute devoid of causing any distortion to the work piece. Also, since our shearing service division makes use of highly advanced machines that have overload protection and other safety features, there is no scope of any kind of safety and health hazards.


Customers can Approach us!

The ADE’s shearing department is experienced and well-equipped to take major projects with extreme accuracy. Hence, along with supporting the in-house manufacturing processes, the service of the departments is now available to outsiders also. There are several customers who approach us regularly with their specification details and the department makes sure that they give them the best with extreme correctness.

Effective and timely delivery have made as the first and foremost provider of various ranges of shearing services. Do you have more queries regarding our shearing services, Please feel free to Contact with Air Draulic Engineering (ADE) representative at 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote. Consider partnering with us at the earliest. Quality is assured as promised at the best available prices.