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Worker Platforms

News regarding accidents and injuries to workers while working at heights is common these days. There were several incidents reported that claimed the life of workers due to severe injuries. How will you ensure the safety of your workers who regularly indulge in challenging and risky tasks at heights? We, ADE possess a perfect yet cost-effective solution that is designed to raise or lower workers to the optimum working heights. By purchasing our intelligently designed and precision made worker platforms, you can not only safeguard your workers but also can improve their productivity.

Procure from the Best to Avail the Perfect!

The use of worker platforms at manufacturing, distribution and warehousing plants are highly significant as the activities involved in such areas require workers to work at different elevations. ADE possesses a rich inventory of these platforms that are designed after comprehensively analyzing the industry specific requirements. We take extreme efforts and spend some quality time to understand the application requirements of customers before suggesting a model. Also we help them substantially to design and develop a customized worker platform as per their needs and layouts to make jobs at height safe, secure and hassle free.

Quality Unbeatable

You can be assured of the quality and durability of ADE’s worker platforms as they are made using robust and powerful materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. Also, like all other products, ADE’s platforms are also comprehensively checked for any fault or inefficiency prior to the shipment. Since they are built to the highest standards conforming to international safety protocols and standards, you don’t doubt about its safety features and sturdiness.

With the meticulous support of industry best and experienced engineering staff; we have been successfully catering to the varied requirements of customers. Till date, we have never let our customers come back with any complaint pertaining to our products and services. For more information call us at: 781-961-1350 or Request a Quote.